Cats need spa days too.

It is commonplace for dogs to make regular visits to the groomer but not cats. Why? Both have hair. Both have nails that continue to grow. And both groom themselves. So why have dogs gained the thumbs-up for a day at the spa but not cats?

One answer may rest in the fact cats are known to be better self-groomers than dogs and reside much of their time indoors as compared to dogs who enjoy walks and jaunts to doggy day care. Yet, both need professional grooming to maintain a health coat and skin quality. Cat parents must consider their pet’s hair length, activity level and age to determine grooming schedule.

Brushing                                                                                                                           Both short and long-haired cat breeds should be brushed at home. Cats are darn good at grooming themselves, but they still need some help from their human friends.  Start young! Begin gently brushing your kitten a little each day or week. Use cat specific brushes. Go slow and reward your cat with treats for brush-time. There are tricks to brushing long-haired breeds to reduce matting. LINK be gentle and brush the under-coat first before the top layer of hair. Brushing just the top layer of your cat can help form matts close to the skin. Even with regular brushing most long-haired cats require regular grooming appointments.

Should I shave my cat?                                                                                                   A shaved cat may look odd, but it is best for the cat if the hair that is matted is removed. Cats with matted hair are uncomfortable and can get cranky since their hair is pulling on their skin. Some cats do need to be shaved on a regular basis to prevent skin irritation and pain.

Don’t cats self-groom?                                                                                                    As cats age self-grooming become more difficult, even for short-haired breeds. As cats age regular grooming sessions should increase to make life more comfortable. Maintaining regular grooming appointments is a good way for groomer to notice changes in your cat’s coat and skin too.

Cat nails

Cats have superhero toenails. They are retractable and have sheaths that fall off keeping the nail new and healthy. And their nails are quite sharp as any cat lover knows. Keeping the tips of your cat’s toenails trimmed reduces the damage to your sofa and your arm by accident. Yes, you can trim your cat’s toenails if you go slow and understand proper trimming techniques. Ask your veterinarian to demonstrate the proper technique to trim your cat’s nails. You can maintain regular nail trim appointments with your professional groomer too. You can schedule regular appointments with Golrusk’s professional groomers to safely trim your cat’s nails.

Me. My cat. The car!

Back to the big difference between cats and dogs. Dogs relish the chance to take a day trip, and most cats find car rides unsettling. There are tools to make your cat’s trip to the groomer calm and comfortable…for you too.

·       Have a good pet carrier large enough for your cat. NO boxes!

·       One cat per kennel.

·       Place the kennel – with the door securely propped open – in your house a few days before the trip to the groomer. Place treats in the kennel. Yum!

·       Put a blanket or towel inside kennel with a toy.

·       Spray the blanket with a calming spray for cats. *Follow spray directions.



Your cat may need medication from your vet to make the grooming experience less stressful.


Even with all the best efforts some cats, and dogs, just do not adjust to being outside their home. It is not a sign of failure for you or your cat if a mild sedative medication is required for grooming.  Medication prescribed by your pet’s veterinarian is to ease stress and to help assure a safe situation for both your pet and the groomer.



We are here to help answer any questions you may have about grooming your favorite feline. Golrusk wants to make your pet’s grooming appointment safe, comfortable and a positive experience.