What is Ultimate Doggy Daycare?  It's Golrusk's solution for Pet Parents who want their dog to excel both mentally and physically.  We have an opportunity for someone who is knowledgebale in pet behavior and enjoys teaching dogs to work with our Ultimate students.  Ultimate Doggy Daycare is a pet enrichment program based on a daily schedule of activities. A typical day at Ultimate Doggy Daycare includes play with other dogs in our group play program called Fun Camp as well as individual sessions with the counselors. Recognizing dogs enjoy mental as well as physical activity the Ultimate Doggy Daycare schedule incorporates structured games and brain puzzles.  Some of the most popular activities include nose games, obstacle course challenges, tricks and balance or core exercises.  Our Ultimate Doggy Daycare program has been created to customize a full day of fun for dogs.

Ultimate Dog Daycare job tasks include:

  • Greeting Pet Parents and pets
  • Creating a daily schedule of activities to do with the pets based on their individual needs
  • Following through with planned activities
  • Setting up the classroom for the days activities
  • Monitoring playgroups and pet behaviors during Fun Camp play and Ultimate time
  • Preparing games, treats, obstacle courses prior to Ultimate sessions
  • Cleaning and putting away items at the end of the day.
  • Completing and distributing report cards to the Pet Parents describing the days activities.
  • Recording videos and taking pictures for the Ultimate Facebook Group for Pet Parents to see their pets.

Dog Showing, Dog Training, or experience working with pets is preferred. You must be comfortable around all breeds of pets, have compassion for pets, and be patient with their many personalities. Applicants must not be allergic to pet dander or hair. Able to stand on your feet and lift many sizes of animals up to 40 pounds.

Ultimate Doggy Daycare is located at our 1991 Allouez Ave. location.   Ultimate small breed day is on Monday's and Large breed day is Thursdays.  We would like to grow the program to offer Ultimate Days at our Military Ave. location as well.  

Ultimate is a part-time position on Monday's and Wednesdays.  We ask  you are available from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM on those days.  

To learn more about the program and apply click this link to submit your application: https://golrusk.com/job-openings-application/