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Specialty Dog Obedience Training in Green Bay, WI

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Specialty Dog Training Classes

Golrusk classes meet once a week for six weeks with a limited capacity of dogs.  All equipment may be purchased and properly fitted at the training center.   Class sizes are of limited capacity to guarantee that you and your dog will receive plenty of personal attention from our trainers.


Reactive Rover Course:

If your dog has issues on the leash, then this class might be for you. Specifically, this class is for the reactive dog, meaning, the dog that lunges, barks, or gets overly hyper when they see another dog, another person, or other objects when on a leash. This is a five week course with a limited class size.What is important to understand, is that the Reactive Rover course is not a quick fix. This is life-long management work. The goal is to teach the owner basic mechanical and management skills, build confidence in the owner and dog, and repair the relationship between owner and dog. This is a training class for both the owners and the dogs.

$ 129
Five Week Class: $129
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 Maternity Dog Course:

    Want to know what to expect when you’re expecting? Golrusk Pet Care Center dog trainers perform in-home consultations to help prepare you and your pet for the arrival of baby.We will work through tips and techniques to handle undesirable dog behaviors (jumping, pawing, and barking), work on baby sounds and new smells, socialize your dog around young people, and most importantly, how to introduce your fur baby to your new baby. This should be a wonderful and rewarding time in your life, and with our specialized dog training, it will be one of the most rewarding experiences in your life. Our goal is to give the Pet Parent tools and knowledge they need to make bringing baby home a pleasant experience for the family and the pet.Consultation includes:

    • Tips and techniques to handle unwanted or unsafe behavior
    • Practice basic manners (sit, down, stay, etc.)
    • Introduce baby sounds and smells
    • Establishing and training your dog to a flexible baby schedule
    • Carry a doll to practice the “what if’s” What if I need to leave the room… where does the dog go?
    • Socialize your dog around young people
    • Familiarize your dog with baby equipment so they become more comfortable
    • Create a plan of what to do with your dog when you leave for the hospital.
    • How to introduce your dog to the baby.
    $ 150
    2 Hour Package: $150
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    Introduction to Nose Work:

    This formative dog training program is just the beginning of courses to be offered in the area of nose work. No previous training is required, and dogs of any age, breed, and temperament are encouraged to join. This is a limited class size venture, and registration is required. The premise is exactly how it sounds: nose work. Every pup has a nose, and while some dogs may have a more active sniffer than others, every dog can participate in this program. Introduction into nose work is an excellent source for much needed mental stimulation while instilling confidence in your dog and strengthening your bond.

    This course will be offered every six weeks. The premise entails the owner’s involvement under the trainer’s direction. Your dog will learn how to sniff out hidden treats, with each week becoming more and more of a challenge. This is a suitable introduction to the nose work field, building your dog’s necessary skills for possible future odor classes. More advanced nose work courses will be announced at a later date. Intro into Nose Work will build on your dog’s natural instinct and prepare him or her for the challenge of advanced nose work courses. Most of all, this class is fun for both you and your dog. Six week class.

    $ 115
    Six Week Class: $115
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    Attendance Requirements:

    All shots including Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella must be current and proof of vaccinations is required. Please bring proof of these vaccinations. Puppies normally do not receive Rabies until four months of age.  We recommended that your dog come to class with a six-foot leather or nylon leash no chain or flexi leashes are allowed. Proper collars are leather or nylon flat buckle or a gentle leader.  Collars will be discussed in class.  Tennis shoes or soft-soled shoes are required.

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