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Dog Obedience Training Calendar in Green Bay, WI

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Puppy Social at Golrusk Allouez Ave - 5:30 p.m.
Puppy Kindergarten at Golrusk Allouez Ave. - 6:45
Basic Obedience 1 at Golrusk Allouez Ave. - 5:45
Basic Obedience 1 at Golrusk Allouez Ave. - 6:45
Puppy Socialization* 
Golrusk Allouez Ave. - 5:30
Puppy Kindergarten*
Golrusk Allouez Ave. - 6:45
Basic 1 Obedience at Golrusk Military Ave - 6:30
Basic 1 Obedience at Golrusk Allouez Ave. - 5:45.
Basic 2 Obedience at Golrusk Allouez Ave. - 6:45
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Monday's & Wednesday's are open enrollment for Puppy Social and Puppy Kindergarten.

Allouez Ave. Basic 1 Obedience: Tuesday, Thursday Start Dates

  • Tuesday, January 3rd or
    Thursday, January 26th
  • Tuesday, February 28th or
    Thursday, March 16th
  • Tuesday, April 18th or
    Thursday, May 4th
  • Tuesday, June 6th or
    Thursday, June 22nd
  • Tuesday, August 1st or
    Thursday, August 17th
  • Tuesday, Sept 19th or
    Thursday, September 28th
  • Tuesday, Nov 7th

Military Ave. Basic 1 Obedience: Thursday Start Dates

  • January 5th
  • March 2nd
  • April 20th
  • June 8th
  • August 3rd
  • September 21st
  • November 9th

Puppy Socialization –  All clients must attend one Tuesday Orientation before attending their first Monday or Wednesday class.  Orientation is done without your puppy but is considered a class. Orientation is at 6:00 PM at our 1991 Allouez Ave. location.

Puppy Kindergarten –  There is no orientation before the Puppy Kindergarten classes.  Puppy Kindergarten has six consecutive Monday or Wednesday classes in a session with the dogs attending all classes.

Class sizes are limited.  Please call Golrusk Pet Care Center at 920-468-7956 to register, or email at info@golrusk.com.


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